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At Sonnic we take just as much pride in your workplace as you do so that you can rest assured your office will stay clean and desirable to everyone who steps inside. Our hand selected staff are trained to deal with office cleaning to the absolute highest standard and because we value your security as much as you do, they have all been subjected to rigorous background checks with the police. Business doesn’t just stop at your whim and will, which is why our staff are trained to carry out their work without ever disturbing you or your workplace - no matter if you’re there or not. At Sonnic we know that first impressions count but second, third and fourth ones are just as important. That’s why we guarantee work of the highest and continuing standards for as long as you choose to enter into partnership with us.

Established in 1996, Sonnic Support Solutions have come to represent the absolute vanguard of commercial cleaning companies in London and the Channel Islands

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