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Are you waiting to lease a property? Do you need to get your staff back in as soon as possible? Because every minute a building remains unoccupied it’s effectively losing money, at Sonnic we understand the value of restoring that area to a workable condition as quickly as possible. At Sonnic Support Solutions, we know how frustrating it can be waiting for builders to complete their work on your new office or workspace. That’s why we don’t just offer a professional cleaning service after they have completed the job, but during it as well. So long as it’s safe for our staff to begin cleaning, they will. We also know that damage left by builders can be more than just cosmetic which is why as well as removing paint, cement, dust and dirt from all surfaces, we also employ our specialist team to restore wood, glass, metal and ceramic finishes to their proper state.

Established in 1996, Sonnic Support Solutions have come to represent the absolute vanguard of commercial cleaning companies in London and the Channel Islands

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