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We know that it can seem like a thankless and never-ending task to keep your carpets clean but unlike some commercial carpet cleaners, at Sonnic, we aren’t fazed. After all, there’s a reason we’re considered by many to be London and the Channel Island’s premier professional carpet cleaner. We pride ourselves on the tailor made carpet cleaning solutions we employ to each individual job, ensuring constant care and protection for your carpets from the root upwards.

What a lot of businesses fail to realise is that when it comes to carpet cleaning, protection is just as important as cleansing. As carpets become dirtier, they transform into sandboxes of soil and dirt which not only harbour endless bacteria but also begin to fray the soiled carpet material itself.Because dirt and greasy residue attract more dirt, our commercial carpet cleaners use state of the art industrial carpet cleaning equipment as well as powerful, specialist protective cleaning products. Meaning that we not only deliver a deeper clean but one that lasts longer too.

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Established in 1996, Sonnic Support Solutions have come to represent the absolute vanguard of commercial cleaning companies in London and the Channel Islands

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