Kitchen Duct Cleaning

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At Sonnic Support Solutions, we understand the strict demands of Health and Safety Laws. We know that in order to maintain a professional kitchen, you are required to adhere to the most vehement of regulations in order to guarantee, not only your customers enjoyment, but their safety too.

A kitchen duct that has become unclean and blocked represents two very clear problems to your business. A source of potentially great expense and even more worryingly, a fire hazard. Our professional cleaning service will renew superior performance from your fans as well as cutting noise and controlling unwanted odours. It will even help to keep your electricity bills down.

We know that your kitchen rarely sleeps. That’s why - with your safety and business in mind - we offer comprehensive and unobtrusive contracts for regular six monthly cleans. We undertake our commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning at night, or on your afternoon breaks, to assure that your business never has to suffer.


Established in 1996, Sonnic Support Solutions have come to represent the absolute vanguard of commercial cleaning companies in London and the Channel Islands

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